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The Night Collection

قراءة المزيد

The Night Collection

At the end of the day’s light come magical possibilities. Drift into the night and let the reverie begin. A collection of scents to inspire the night to unwind, escape and dream. “I’ve always thought that there is something fascinating about the transition form daytime to night-time when the sunlight turns to twilight and the bustle of the day gives way to the serenity of evening. I find that ‘in-between- time’ really inspiring; whether you’re going out of nestling in at home, those are the moments when you can truly start to relax and escape.” Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance explains. It’s this space in time from dusk to dawn that inspired the Night Collection.

'A collection designed to offer a dedicated space and time in the day to unwind, escape and dream.'

A collection designed to offer a dedicated space and time in the day to unwind, escape and dream. Perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui explains it perfectly: “The Night Collection isn’t so much about sleep, but rather about enjoying the time before sleep, which is a fascinating area to explore, inspiring new rituals and new olfactive expressions.” This new olfactive territory sees us explore restorative and relaxing scents in Lavender & Moonflower and Moonlit Camomile that offer calming properties, but this being a Jo Malone London collection naturally there is a twist. “We weren’t interested in the kind of dry, aromatic camomile you get in infusions; we were inspired by the fresh, flowering plant that has this wonderful softness with a hint of green fruitiness.” Explains Celine. The result Moonlit Camomile Cologne and Pillow Mist, with a contrasting profile “The English Camomile that is used has a fresh, fruity, even slightly minty facets. On the one hand Moonlit Camomile has an aromatic feel, on the other hand the musk within the scent offers a comforting, cocooning scent.” Explains Mathilde Bijaoui.

Typically, in perfumery lavender is from French fields, but for this collection the English sourcing continues for the Lavender & Moonflower scent. “It makes the overall effect different. The lavender in this scent comes from a family run farm in Norfolk, which has just the right soil for producing fragrant plants, with vibrant purple flowers and an added note of freshness.” Mathilde shares. Creating a soft, serene, and comforting scent that also translates to a home candle where “every time you light the candle, you spread serenity around the room.”

Although the Night Collection is about enhancing your evenings and celebrating the transition it’s designed not to be focused on the bedroom or a specific hour. Including Pillow Mists, A Cologne, Candle and Diffuser use the products within existing wind-down routines or to set the mood. Dream, dance, escape. Let the reverie begin. How will you welcome the night?

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